What is elea publishing?


Making knowledge accessible

elea regularly releases publications that are closely linked to its activities. Key topics include ethics and globalization, impact measurement, inclusive leadership, and philanthropic investing.

A complete list of all publications can be accessed here.

Selected recent publications

«The elea Way Book: A Learning Journey Toward Sustainable Impact», by Vanina Farber and Peter A. Wuffli
Book published by Routledge

Written by two leading experts, the book summarizes insights from elea’s 15-year pioneering journey, from creating an investment organization, choosing purposeful themes, and sourcing opportunities, to partnering with entrepreneurs for impact creation.

«Conscious and Ethical Investing – Investor Life Cycle and Investment Process», by Peter A. Wuffli and Andreas R. Kirchschläger
A special extract from «Conscious Investing» by Christin ter Braak-Forstinger (ed.), Harriman House, 2017, ISBN 978-0-8571-9617-0

Humanity’s current social and environmental challenges require us to dramatically rethink global growth for long-term prosperity and to transform capital markets into a force for good.

This article by Peter Wuffli and Andreas Kirchschläger presents deeper insights into elea’s investment philosophy as a philanthropic impact investor. It explores underlying relationships between individual investors‘ life cycle on the one hand, and strategies for philanthropic investing into entrepreneurial approaches towards maximizing social impact on the other hand.

«Inclusive Leadership: A Framework for the Global Era», by Peter A. Wuffli
Book published by Springer

The new book from Peter A. Wuffli presents a framework for inclusive leadership based on his diverse experiences across various sectors and with a strong focus on ethics.