What defines success?


Systematic performance measurement

elea would like to help as many people as possible to permanently get out of absolute poverty by their own means. In order to measure its performance in achieving this goal, the Foundation developed the elea Impact Measurement Methodology (eIMM). The eIMM measures on an annual basis the social impact created by each portfolio venture and allows to estimate the potential impact of future investments.



By using the eIMM, elea pursues several goals: First of all, it guides elea through the process of setting impact goals and tracking progress. Secondly, the methodology allows for a comparison to be made between ventures that are sometimes very different in nature. Thirdly, it helps as a leadership tool to identify challenges and to address them in time. And fourthly, the eIMM serves as an important instrument for delivering clear and transparent communication, both internally within elea as well as vis-à-vis investors. The consistency of the method used and its practical application is examined and validated every year by BDO Switzerland.


At the beginning of every engagement, the expected impact of the investment is calculated based on so-called elea Impact Points. The elea Impact Points reflect the specific effect on every beneficiary, evaluation of the organization and business model of the company in which elea plans to invest, potential risk factors, as well as the additional benefit created by elea’s involvement as an active philanthropic investor. At the end of every calendar year, the actual impact and progress achieved for each of elea’s investments are measured.

Operating Principles for Impact Management

elea is a signatory of the Operating Principles for Impact Management and thereby participates in the sector's efforts to set common standards for impact investors. The initiative brings together a global community of more than 170 investors who are committed to mobilizing capital for impact. The Principles provide investors with a framework that aims to ensure the integration of impact considerations throughout the investment lifecycle.

Sustainable Development Goals

elea supports the United Nations' sustainable development agenda and acknowledges the imperative of global collaboration to eliminate poverty in all its forms. As elea’s mission is to fight poverty with entrepreneurial means, all our activities primarily contribute to SDG 1 (no poverty).

In addition, elea, through its impact ventures, makes significant contributions to nine other SDGs.