How does the elea Model work?


Impact via professionalism

elea is convinced that a high level of professionalism is required to engage in an impactful fight against poverty. This conviction forms the basis for the four pillars upon which the elea organization is built: the systematic selection and support of investments, the consistent use of a clear and methodical framework for defining and measuring success, the synergetic collaboration with investors, as well as the employment of a qualified and ambitious team.

Impact via professionalism

elea Philanthropic Investment Management
The heart of elea’s work is making entrepreneurial investments to fight poverty. The Foundation places great value on the careful selection, target-oriented implementation, as well as professional management of investments in parts of the world where per capita income is less than USD 3 per day.

elea Philanthropic Investors‘ Circle
elea works closely with a circle of philanthropic investors that includes private individuals, entrepreneurs, as well as other institutions. elea provides them with the opportunity to invest capital and know-how in promising entrepreneurial ventures with a high impact towards poverty alleviation.

elea Professional Development Program
elea’s work would not be possible without the engagement of an experienced team that has the suitable professional qualifications and skills as well as the essential instinct for cooperation with partners from varied cultural and societal backgrounds. Accordingly, elea recruits very selectively, with high expectations for commitment of its employees on one hand, while offering opportunities for professional and personal growth on the other hand.

Knowledge and elea Community
In order to define and measure the success of its philanthropic investments in a consistent and methodical way, elea has developed its proprietary elea Impact Measurement Methodology (eIMM). The elea Chair for Social Innovation at IMD focuses its research and teaching on the impact of entrepreneurial activities and market mechanisms in tackling social problems. The elea Entrepreneurs' Community is a catalyst for impact through entrepreneurship where elea entrepreneurs can interact, exchange ideas, co-create, and develop capabilities in areas that are critical to both achieving impact and entrepreneurial success. As a growing community of social entrepreneurs and philanthropic investors, elea is committed to raising awareness on challenges and opportunities of globalization, and to furthering the development of entrepreneurial philanthropy.