elea sets out towards achieving its vision 2030

5 October 2023

In its meeting on September 27, elea’s Board of Trustees approved the elea Vision 2030 and a set of targets and measures towards its realization. elea aims to triple its impact by 2030 – an ambitious growth mandate based on seventeen years of experience in philanthropic impact investing to fight poverty with entrepreneurial means.

elea has been working intensively on setting directions for impact growth and organizational development for the next phase. The process started with a comprehensive analysis of the impact investing ecosystem and its significance for unlocking potential in alleviating absolute poverty. On this basis, together with key stakeholders, such as the elea Comité de Patronage, the team has developed the elea Vision 2030 over the past months.

Poverty: an ongoing major challenge for a quarter of humanity

Unfortunately, poverty will remain a significant challenge of our time, with close to two billion people living in absolute poverty. The COVID-19 pandemic even increased poverty levels, and the negative impacts of climate change disproportionally affect people in the Global South. These facts confirm elea’s purpose and mandate to fight absolute poverty with entrepreneurial means, leveraging the opportunities of globalization. elea is convinced that catalyzing market-driven solutions by investing philanthropic capital in innovative impact ventures offers sustainable perspectives out of poverty through, amongst others, skilling, employment, income generation, and value-chain integration.

Reinforcing elea’s model towards tripling its impact

elea envisions reinforcing its model and tripling its impact, thus becoming a globally leading organization in philanthropic impact investing. Its proprietary approach to impact management and measurement ensures the integrity of impact ambitions. elea will continue to build a diversified portfolio across topics, regions, and investment risks based on a defined set of theories of change with varying degrees of impact depth, ranging from access to products and services to transformational change in people’s life trajectories.

Overall, elea aims to reach more than 100 million people and strives to collaborate with 100 visionary impact entrepreneurs by 2030. Leveraging seventeen years of experience, the elea team is now working on the step-by-step implementation of the elea Vision 2030. Key levers include regional hubs for improved sourcing, specialized roles for increased organizational efficiency, proactive exit management to reinvest capital, and the elea Entrepreneurs’ Community to foster an ecosystem of sharing and learning.


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