Stefanie Blättler and Arianne Egger-Wuffli joined the elea Board of Trustees; Susanne Wuffli steps down after almost twenty years of engagement for elea

29 February 2024

In January 2024, Stefanie Blättler and Arianne Egger-Wuffli joined the elea Board of Trustees, expanding it to four members alongside elea Founder and Chairman Peter Wuffli and Harold Grüninger. These appointments occurred after the retirement of elea Co-Founder Susanne Wuffli by December 31, 2023.

As per her request, elea Co-Founder Susanne Wuffli has stepped down from the Board of Trustees, effective December 31, 2023. Having been deeply committed to the organization since its inception in 2006, she wished to pass on this responsibility to the next generation. elea expresses sincere gratitude to Susanne Wuffli for her impressive dedication to the organization and wishes her all the best as she embraces a new chapter.

In January 2024, Stefanie Blättler and Arianne Egger-Wuffli joined the Board of Trustees. Stefanie Blättler is a senior executive at a global Swiss Bank with two decades of deep operational and financial management experience. Arianne Egger-Wuffli holds a Master of Law and works at the District Court of Zurich. As the daughter of Susanne and Peter Wuffli, she will also ensure that elea is governed with the interests of the next generation of family members in mind.

Peter Wuffli comments: “I am deeply grateful to my spouse Susanne for almost twenty years as a Board member of elea. With all her support through elea‘s journey, her thoughtfulness and judgment in decision making and her strong alignment with elea‘s purpose and values she made a huge contribution to elea‘s impact. At the same time, I am delighted to welcome Stefanie Blättler and Arianne Egger-Wuffli as new Board members. They represent the next generation in elea’s governance and will help shape elea towards its vision 2030 and beyond based on their impressive commitment and their highly relevant skills and professional experience.“

elea is committed to increasing the reach of its philanthropic endeavors, recognizing impactful, innovative entrepreneurship as one of the most promising answers to the pressing challenges of our time. With the elea Vision 2030, the organization aims to triple its impact by reaching 100 million people through 100 impact ventures. The implementation of this vision has already begun by strengthening the organizational structure and processes to allow for a successful growth trajectory.


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