Annual Review 2023: Successful exit of Coffee Circle further confirms elea’s model

22 May 2024

2023 continued to deliver significant results for elea: These include the successful exit of Coffee Circle and the increase in elea Impact Points by 346’880 to a total of 1’908’246 points. Since its inception, elea has supported a positive change in the lives of more than 49.6 million people.

In 2023, elea exited its long-term investment in Coffee Circle. After ten years of actively supporting this highly impactful company on its journey from a proven start-up to a successful firm with more than 80 employees, additional commercial capital could be attracted for the next phase. In a conversation, Andreas Kirchschläger and Martin Elwert, Founder and CEO of Coffee Circle, reflect on the partnership, the exit of the previous shareholders, and the journey ahead.

Last year, elea portfolio ventures continued to deliver impressive achievements across all sectors and regions, reflecting the exceptional dedication and performance of elea’s partners and resulting in an increase of 346’880 elea Impact Points totaling 1’908’246. Additionally, the elea Return on Investment has risen to 117.4, further demonstrating the effectiveness of elea’s impact.

Other highlights of the year include:

  • Four innovative impact ventures enrich elea’s portfolio of now 31 active investments in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.
  • With the Livelihood Impact Fund, elea welcomed its first US-based foundation to the elea Philanthropic Investors’ Circle.
  • elea signed the Humanitarian and Resilience Investing (HRI) Initiative by WEF to mobilize catalytic capital for purpose-driven entrepreneurial solutions to fight poverty.
  • Stefanie Blättler and Arianne Egger-Wuffli joined elea’s Board of Trustees after the retirement of elea Co-Founder Susanne Wuffli.

Get all the details in elea’s Annual Review 2023.