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«Brüder im Geiste»

«Brüder im Geiste», article (in German) by Anne-Barbara Luft
Bilanz, April 26, 2024

The article discusses elea's strategic partnership with Fourfold Foundation to fight absolute poverty with entrepreneurial means. It also highlights elea's pioneering role in philanthropic investing and the recent adjustment of tax exemption practices for charitable foundations in favor of entrepreneurial funding models in the canton of Zurich.

«Wenn man Glück hat und wie ich in der Schweiz geboren ist, gehört man zu den Gewinnern der Globalisierung»

«Wenn man Glück hat und wie ich in der Schweiz geboren ist, gehört man zu den Gewinnern der Globalisierung», interview (in German) with Peter Wuffli by Cedric Keiser
Tages-Anzeiger, April 3, 2024

In an interview for the Tages-Anzeiger supplement “Future of Finance,” Peter Wuffli discusses the transformative power of impact investing. He not only touches upon the elea model and our philanthropic approach but also delves into the measurement of success and profitability of impact investing. Using examples from our portfolio companies Arbusta and B’Ayoba, he explains how ethical and sustainable goals can create positive change through investments.

«Vom Top-Banker zum Armutsbekämpfer»

«Vom Top-Banker zum Armutsbekämpfer», article (in German) on Peter Wuffli by Notker Blechner
Finanz und Wirtschaft, January 26, 2024

"Finanz und Wirtschaft" looks back on Peter Wuffli's career in banking and outlines his current commitments at elea and Sygnum. "As a Swiss citizen, I am financially privileged. That's why I feel a responsibility to support people who have been less fortunate in life," explains Peter Wuffli, who studied development economics at University St. Gallen, his motivation to set up elea.

«Essential levers to add value and bring about lasting change»

«Essential levers to add value and bring about lasting change», article by Adrian Ackeret
I by IMD, December 21, 2023

In the "Impact Economy" issue of the IMD magazine, Adrian Ackeret explores the pivotal role of ventures that systematically transform ecosystems and pioneer the impact economy. The examples of Arbusta and ATEC emphasize the significance of innovative business models whose influence extend beyond isolated improvements. And with that, the question of how this type of impact can be catalyzed in an economically sustainable way.

«Warum Geld verpflichtet»

«Warum Geld verpflichtet», article (in German) with Peter Wuffli by Barbara Schmutz
Beobachter-Spezial Erben, June 23, 2023

In the special issue of the Swiss magazine "Beobachter," wealthy Swiss people outline how they deal with their legacy and the social responsibility that comes with it. Peter Wuffli believes that "wealthy people should use their skills and money to do something that ultimately serves the world." At elea, philanthropic investors contribute to innovative impact ventures in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, thus helping to fight absolute poverty through entrepreneurial means.

«Soziale Wirkung ist messbar»

«Soziale Wirkung ist messbar», article (in German) by Stéphanie Abels and Paul Kukuk
NZZ, June 17, 2023

The elea article in the NZZ demonstrates our impact measurement methodology (eIMM), which we use annually to assess the social impact of our portfolio companies. The resulting data makes social impact measurable and forms the basis for professional and efficient use of philanthropic capital in our investment decisions. It also allows us to inform our investors of the results achieved and the directly attributable social return.

«Wissenstransfer kennt keine Grenzen»

«Wissenstransfer kennt keine Grenzen», interview (in German) with Andreas Kirchschläger
The Philanthropist, November 24, 2022

In an interview with The Philanthropist, Andreas Kirchschläger discusses our approach of investing in locally based companies and thus in people who are already working successfully on the ground to solve the often diverse challenges they face. Another topic is the elea Entrepreneurs' Community, which connects entrepreneurs and creates a community of like-minded peers who learn from, inspire and support each other.

«Direktinvestitionen mit Wirkung»

«Direktinvestitionen mit Wirkung», article (in German) by Adrian Ackeret and Elena Torresani
NZZ, September 16, 2022

The elea article in the NZZ outlines how elea and its ventures, such as Kwanza Tukule in Kenya, contribute to fighting absolute poverty – offering philanthropic investors an opportunity for high-impact direct investments.

«How to combine ideas, energy, and capital for impact»

«How to combine ideas, energy, and capital for impact», video with Andreas Kirchschläger
Enterprise for Society Center, August 15, 2022

Andreas Kirchschläger presents the elea way at the Showcase 2030 Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, organized by the Enterprise for Society Center (E4S). The convention gathered impact-driven startups, corporates, researchers, and other players to discuss systemic interventions that advance the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.  

«Big Spender»

«Big Spender», article (in German) with Andreas Kirchschläger and Peter Wuffli by Anne-Barbara Luft
Bilanz, March 25, 2022

Today, philanthropy is entrepreneurial, innovative, and based on partnership – and has long since become a branch of the Swiss economy. The article examines the foundation sector in Switzerland and names elea as an important player, pioneer, and role model.

«Profit und Gemeinnützigkeit sind kein Widerspruch»

«Profit und Gemeinnützigkeit sind kein Widerspruch», article (in German) with Peter Wuffli by Takashi Sugimoto
The Philanthropist, March 4, 2022

16 years ago, Peter Wuffli founded elea together with his wife Susanna Wuffli. The article explains the reasons for founding elea, the elea investment focus, and the underlying operating model. It also sheds light on elea key topics such as impact measurement and liberal ethics.

«Philanthropy in Switzerland: 100 Billions for a good cause»

«Philanthropy in Switzerland: 100 Billions for a good cause», article (in German) with Peter Wuffli by Rewert Hoffer
NZZ, November 23, 2021

Hardly any other country has as many charitable foundations per capita as in Switzerland. However, if the Roche heir André Hoffmann has its way, traditional philanthropy has failed. The NZZ newspaper is investigating this question and using the example of the elea Foundation to illustrate what alternative approaches to entrepreneurial philanthropy can look like.

«Can impact activism by institutional investors encourage a more inclusive capitalism?»

«From Sustainability to Impact», article by Adrian Ackeret and Stefan Kappeler
NZZ, supplement «Sustainability», September 18, 2021

The elea article in the NZZ’s supplement on the topic of “Sustainability” discusses opportunities and risks that an impact orientation would offer for listed equity markets.

«Impact through entrepreneurship and capital»

«The elea Way – to fight absolute poverty», article (in German) by Peter Wuffli and Andreas Kirchschläger
NZZ, supplement «Impact Finance», May 28, 2021

This special edition marks the official kick-off of the NZZ – Impact Finance Forum, a platform for constructive dialogue between decision-makers and opinion leaders on sustainable investing in Switzerland. As a gold partner, elea would like to raise awareness for investment in social enterprises and help the sector as a whole reach the next level.

«Actions speak louder than words»

«SRF Börse» of December 28, 2017: Swiss Television program featuring Peter Wuffli and elea as pioneers in impact investing (in German)
Part of a Swiss Television special series on impact investing, featuring Peter Wuffli and elea

In a three-part series, Swiss Television’s program on financial markets «SRF Börse» focuses on impact investing. Episode two of the series presents an interview with Peter Wuffli on impact investing and elea’s approach.

«Some met us first with skepticism»

«Some met us first with skepticism», interview (in German) with Peter Wuffli and Andreas Kirchschläger by Albert Steck and Felix E. Müller
NZZ am Sonntag, September 10, 2017

Impact investing is becoming more popular. The Sunday newspaper «NZZ am Sonntag» highlights elea’s pioneer role and discusses in an interview with Peter Wuffli and Andreas Kirchschläger the approach to fight absolute poverty with entrepreneurial means.

«Social Entrepreneurship from an Academic and Practical Perspective»

«Social Entrepreneurship from an Academic and Practical Perspective», interview (in German) with Anne Decker and André Habisch
Published in «Aus Politik und Zeitgeschehen», a supplement to «Das Parlament» 16-17/2016

The interview discusses the role, strategic challenges and competitive situation of social enterprises in Europe and globally. «Aus Politik und Zeitgeschehen» («On Politics and Current Affairs»), a supplement to the weekly «Das Parlament» published by the German Federal Agency for Civic Education, comprises articles on issues of contemporary history, social sciences, and current political affairs.

«About the fight against poverty, alternative return possibilities and new methods to calculate success»

«About the fight against poverty, alternative return possibilities and new methods to calculate success», interview with Andreas Kirchschläger
Published in «Bestseller», 3/4 2013

«Bestseller» is published six times per year. The Austrian magazine positions itself as inspiring observer of change in economy, communication and creation.

«Globalization: Not all can benefit»

«Globalization: Not all can benefit», interview with Peter Wuffli and Andreas Kirchschläger
Published in «ZOOM», 3/12, the clients' magazine of BDO AG

«ZOOM», the magazine for clients of BDO AG, is published 3 times per year. Peter Wuffli and Andreas Kirchschläger comment in the interview on the work of the elea Foundation and the developed impact measurement methodology as well as on concrete projects.

«Philanthropy in practice»

«Philanthropy in practice», interview with Peter Wuffli and Andreas Kirchschläger
Special reprint from «Bankenmagazin», June 2012

The «Bankenmagazin» is a publication of the Liechtenstein Bankers Association. Peter Wuffli and Andreas Kirchschläger comment in the interview on their experiences made with the elea Foundation.

«A question of freedom and ethics»

«A question of freedom and ethics», interview with Peter A. Wuffli
Special reprint from «Schweizer Monatshefte», June 2010

Ever since it first appeared in 1921, the magazine «Schweizer Monatshefte» coupled a liberal perspective with a passion for intellectual debate. Conducted by Suzann-Viola Renninger, this interview with Peter Wuffli was published in June 2010.

«Development involves many players working together»

«Development involves many players working together», by Peter A. Wuffli and Stefan Frey
Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 27 May 2010

Stefan Frey is project manager of the Mad'Eole project in Madagascar, which is supported by the elea Foundation. In this article from the «Neue Zürcher Zeitung», he and Peter Wuffli describe how access to electricity can fundamentally change village life.