Formation, purpose, trustees

17 December 2006

By a foundation deed of 29 November 2006, Peter Wuffli and Susanna Wuffli created the elea Foundation for Ethics in Globalization based in Zurich. This non-profit foundation with tax exempt status intends to make a contribution through targeted projects to mastering the challenges of the globalized economy.

The elea Foundation plans to strengthen the awareness for the globalized economy, promote an ethical approach to globalization and open up new perspectives for people affected by global change processes. The foundation will focus on fostering the understanding of a global economic context in Switzerland and on supporting projects in other countries.

In a first phase, the foundation will define the fundamental approach to the attainment of its purpose and develop ideas for projects.

The two private donors are providing a foundation capital of 20 million Swiss francs. The Board of Trustees consists of Peter Wuffli, Susanna Wuffli and Harold GrĂ¼ninger, attorney-at-law in Zurich (Chairman).

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