How do I become a philanthropic investor?


elea Philanthropic Investors’ Circle

In addition to the initial capital provided by the founding family, which elea can use for investing and operations, a circle of philanthropic investors expands elea’s opportunities to support socially engaged entrepreneurs in developing countries. The “elea Philanthropic Investors’ Circle" targets entrepreneurially minded people and institutions (companies and foundations) that would like to use elea’s professional platform for their philanthropic engagements aimed at fighting absolute poverty.

Individual engagement to jointly increase impact

The members of the elea Philanthropic Investors’ Circle enter into a partnership with elea for several years. The goal of these partnerships is the joint maximization of social impact. Within the framework of the entire elea portfolio, the members define the focus areas of their philanthropic investments together with the elea team. In this way, they can establish their own diversified profile of entrepreneurial engagements to fight poverty. A regular, transparent reporting based on the elea Impact Measurement Methodology keeps the members informed about the results achieved by elea partner organizations as well as the social return that is directly attributable to their philanthropic investments.

Given that elea is a charitable foundation, the capital contributions of philanthropic investors are made in the form of tax-deductible grants. Any potential profits realized from investments remain within elea foundation's capital and are reinvested in further ventures to fight poverty.

elea PULSE Portfolio

With the elea PULSE Portfolio, elea developed an offering primarily for other foundations that would like to use elea’s professional platform to engage in the fight against poverty in an uncomplicated way. The elea PULSE Portfolio pools together a carefully chosen bundle of entrepreneurial projects that support people living in absolute poverty worldwide along the path toward a self-sufficient, economically independent life. The geographically and thematically diversified portfolio is put together and supervised by elea as part of a professional process. The portfolio is planned to be expanded over time based on consistent criteria. Foundations that take part in the elea PULSE Portfolio do not have to bear on-going project selection and monitoring costs, while benefitting from elea’s externally audited impact reporting.