How can you join our circle of philanthropic investors?


elea Philanthropic Investors’ Circle

In addition to the initial capital provided by the founding family, a circle of philanthropic investors expands our opportunities to support innovative impact entrepreneurs worldwide. Members of the elea Philanthropic Investors’ Circle are key facilitators who enable our impact model. This circle consists of entrepreneurially minded personalities and families, companies, and foundations that would like to use elea’s professional platform for their philanthropic engagements aimed at fighting absolute poverty.

Since elea is a philanthropic, tax-exempt foundation, philanthropic investors contribute capital through tax-deductible grants. Any potential profits realized from investments remain within elea’s organizational capital and are reinvested in further impact ventures.

Individual engagement to jointly increase impact

Philanthropic investors who share our investment philosophy, values, and impact aspirations partner with us to maximize the social impact of their investments by allocating their financial contributions to specific elea impact ventures. Within the framework of our portfolio, depending on individual preferences, they can select preferred investment themes (agricultural value chains, last-mile retail and services, employable skills building, or climate and livelihoods), geographies (Africa, Asia, or Latin America), and particular enterprises. In this way, philanthropic investors can establish a diversified profile of entrepreneurial engagements to fight absolute poverty.

Regular, transparent reporting based on the elea Impact Measurement Methodology informs our investors about the impact of elea ventures and the social return directly attributable to their philanthropic investments. In addition to an annual meeting where we discuss their personal philanthropic investment performance report, investors can become personally engaged, i.e., by providing professional guidance to entrepreneurs in their areas of expertise.

A yearly highlight is the elea Philanthropic Investors’ Circle dinner in Zurich where philanthropic investors can meet and exchange ideas with like-minded peers, entrepreneurs, and the elea team.

How to become a philanthropic investor

Please get in touch with us to join our fight against absolute poverty and become a part of our elea Philanthropic Investors’ Circle. Making a capital commitment is the starting point for our partnership: 90% of these are allocated to impact ventures worldwide, while the remaining 10% contribute to elea’s pipeline work of finding and evaluating suitable ventures.