How can companies contribute as philanthropic investors?


Customized strategic partnerships with companies

For several years, elea has been able to count on the support of companies such as Accenture Switzerland and Julius Baer in their circle of philanthropic investors. As a sort of bridge builder between the world of internationally active companies on one hand and social enterprises in developing countries on the other hand, elea offers a platform for innovative strategic partnerships. Its platform also stands for a credible contribution to the social responsibility of companies in a global market environment.

Customized strategic partnerships with companies

Innovation and responsibility

Companies that get involved in the realm of philanthropic investing with elea contribute to the fight against poverty not only with their financial investments but also with their professional resources. Their employees participate in a targeted and structured way with their professional expertise in the development of the partner companies and organizations of elea - typically over an extended period of time of several months.

Beyond the traditional boundaries between the core business, corporate social responsibility, and the voluntary engagement of employees, new approaches emerge by which possibilities within the private sector to create maximum social added value can be used. In addition to a transparent statement of direct social impact, the collaboration with elea offers companies the chance to develop themselves in an entrepreneurial way: via engagement in innovative initiatives in markets with future potential and the targeted development of talented employees and management within entrepreneurially demanding and culturally diverse contexts.

Voices from the corporate world

„The elea approach, to fight poverty with entrepreneurial solutions, is convincing and in line with the objectives of our 'Skills to Succeed' program. Together we can create a sustainable impact and improve the economic living conditions of many people in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.“
Thomas D. Meyer, CEO and Country Managing Director, Accenture Switzerland, July 2012

„Care, Passion and Excellence guide the activities of Julius Baer. The collaboration with elea Foundation aiming to improve the livelihoods of many people living in absolute poverty aligns with our values and allows us to leverage our means and talents in the best possible manner.“
Boris F. J. Collardi, Chief Executive Officer, Julius Bär, March 2015