How can companies contribute as philanthropic investors?


Customized strategic partnerships with companies

For several years, elea has been able to count on the support of companies such as Accenture Switzerland and Julius Baer in their circle of philanthropic investors. As a sort of bridge builder between the world of internationally active companies on one hand and social enterprises in developing countries on the other hand, elea offers a platform for innovative strategic partnerships. Its platform also stands for a credible contribution to the social responsibility of companies in a global market environment.

Innovation and responsibility

Companies that get involved in the realm of philanthropic investing with elea contribute to the fight against poverty not only with their financial investments but also with their professional resources. Their employees participate in a targeted and structured way with their professional expertise in the development of the partner companies and organizations of elea - typically over an extended period of time of several months.

Beyond the traditional boundaries between the core business, corporate social responsibility, and the voluntary engagement of employees, new approaches emerge by which possibilities within the private sector to create maximum social added value can be used. In addition to a transparent statement of direct social impact, the collaboration with elea offers companies the chance to develop themselves in an entrepreneurial way: via engagement in innovative initiatives in markets with future potential and the targeted development of talented employees and management within entrepreneurially demanding and culturally diverse contexts.

Voices from our institutional philanthropic investors

“By leveraging our highly committed, passionate, and experienced colleagues, we add value to innovative impact venture across the globe and have a tangible impact on the lives of people living in absolute poverty. This is a game changer in corporate philanthropy. The trusted partnership between elea and Accenture is built on a shared understanding of professionalism and highest ethical standards.”

Marco Huwiler, Country Managing Director Switzerland, Accenture, April 2023

“Sharing your knowledge and gaining new insights when brainstorming on business strategies with social enterprises, advising on the technology roadmap, or actively developing solutions about how people at the base of the pyramid can best be impacted is tremendously fulfilling. With elea, Accenture found an ideal partner to address one of the world’s most pressing problems: alleviating poverty.”

Manuel Meister, Managing Director, Accenture, April 2023

“We appreciate our professional and constructive partnership with elea. The annual discussions about the portfolio and its impact have helped us to progress as a grant-making foundation. elea enriches our invested money with its excellent professional know-how and close accompaniment of the impact entrepreneurs.”

Manuela Balett, Managing Director, Leopold Bachmann Stiftung, December 2022

"We perceive elea as a strong partner for whom poverty alleviation and real impact are paramount, which is why we invest a fixed part of our profits with them."

Denise Schmid, Managing Partner, Marcuard Family Office, August 2023

“elea sets high standards in the foundation landscape, because it supports people in becoming financially independent and self-reliant. Our successful partnership is based on trust, and we trust elea fully.”

Carolina Müller-Möhl, Müller-Möhl Foundation, August 2023

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