What is elea's purpose?

About us


elea exists to fight absolute poverty with entrepreneurial means, leveraging the opportunities of globalization.


We aspire to be a role model organization with global charisma in the field of philanthropic impact investing. As a professional, active investment manager, we create measurable, lasting impact. We strive to be the partner of choice for impact entrepreneurs and philanthropic investors, and ambitious, talented people seeking a career as impact investing professionals.

By 2030, we aim to triple our impact, reach more than 100 million people, and strive to collaborate with 100 visionary impact entrepreneurs, thus becoming a globally leading organization in philanthropic impact investing. Key levers of the elea Vision 2030 include regional hubs, specialized roles, proactive investment exit management, and the elea Entrepreneurs’ Community.

We invite you to read more here: News: elea Vision 2030


elea's decisions and activities are guided by the following values:

We work for the benefit of people. Improving livelihoods and protecting the dignity of individuals is at the core of our endeavors. We are inspired by a high level of empathy.

We care for and support environmental progress toward a more sustainable ecological footprint. We identify, evaluate and select impact ventures that – at a minimum – are not environmentally harmful, but whenever possible contribute to socially relevant global environmental goals.

Both within our organization and with our partners, we collaborate in an open, transparent way, based on mutual respect and trust. We actively listen to understand diverse points of view, and we respect different perspectives. We support each other in realizing our goals.

We consider capable entrepreneurship to be an essential lever for achieving sustainable impact. Therefore, we look out for and support impact entrepreneurs who combine a strong motivation for purpose and impact with a bias for action and a responsible commercial sense. We look out for opportunities and creative solutions, are prepared to take risks, and act responsibly.

We continuously develop our skills and we systematically apply relevant tools and methods to support our partners and manage our own organization in an effective way. We want our partners to feel confident about working with elea as a reliable organization that delivers on promises made.

We act and engage ourselves consciously with high standards of ethics and a humble attitude. As an independent organization, we apply our significant level of liberties with an equally ambitious level of responsibility, and we are grounded in shared virtues of honesty, fairness, and integrity.